Based between Amsterdam and Madrid, composer and Singer Jes Falcon and his band have pubished 2 albums so far (Fake Bluff and Things Nobody Taugt Us, the latter, mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk in New York) and he’s about to release a third one titled Unexpected but Inevitable, a collection of 11 new songs which tell stories based on actual facts, anecdotes and reflections about his own life and experiences.

His musical style ranges from 60’s-70’s rock to alternative rock, while covering hard, sleaze and glam rock; thus with a classic inspiration although with a personal stint and innovative approach. Amongst his influences he cites The Beatles’s White Album, The Rolling Stones, T. Rex. Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Juliette Lewis, The Go-Gos, Blondie, Springsteen and many others, however, always paying special attention to the witty lyrics that tend to mix tragedy and comedy, from a particular point of view and sense of humour. Last but not least, Jes’ remarkable skills as a frontman, not to mention the excellent musicianship of his band, make his shows a piece of joy and entertainment.

Jes Falcon has also performed a couple of times at a primetime TV show on a Spanish regional TV channel, TPA.

Current Line Up:

  • Glory Diaz: lead guitar
  • Jordi Palau: rhytym guitar
  • Michael Nash: bass
  • Mr Cuco: drums
  • Jes Falcon: vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar