Unexpected But Inevitable

(ENG) Jes Falcon is releasing his third album titled Unexpected but Inevitable, after 2 years of work with bassist Arturo Ruiz (Shreck, Annie, Peter Pan musicals), guitarist Juan Carlos Cárdenas (official endorser of D’Addario and George amps) and drummer Dani “Podador” García (David Burnett, Grease, Mamma Mia).11 new songs recorded, mixed and mastered at The Artist Factory and West Madrid Studios that tell stories of people including...

Alkaloid Girl

A song about the lingering memory of a girl. Although it seems that life goes on and I should be over her, in fact the girl wasn't that nice after all, there's always something that reminds me of the past. Like an addiction to an alkaloid that I can't overcome.

Nights are not the same without you

A curious girl on a subway train and they get along really well. They party and have fun but at the same time they also have some cultural and intellectual connection and share something deeper than it may look from the outside. She changes things in the boy’s life and he feels lucky but for some reason she leaves and takes everything with her. In the end the boy is even considering moving to another city where some friends live and keep...

Shut Up, I’m on a roll

Luck may not last long and I’m fully aware of that fact. The song is written using euphemisms and terms derived from games usually found at casinos. It’s more optimistic than most of my songs I must say but I guess sometimes you have to enjoy the moment and not ruin it thinking that it won’t last forever.

Everybody Lies At Night

Pay attention to different situations in life. And having had the chance of taking a walk on the wild side as Reed would say, and enjoy and suffer the nightlife in quite a few cities in the world (it was never really my intention, to tell you the truth) I came to the conclusion that everybody lies at night. The song is about all the deals and murky businesses that take place particularly between people who want to be famous (singers, musicians,...