Nights are not the same without you

A curious girl on a subway train and they get along really well. They party and have fun but at the same time they also have some cultural and intellectual connection and share something deeper than it may look from the outside.

She changes things in the boy’s life and he feels lucky but for some reason she leaves and takes everything with her. In the end the boy is even considering moving to another city where some friends live and keep telling him to come and start a new life there. Funny facts of this song: the girl with the painted little finger nails (and only the nails of their little fingers) in purple, all of her in purple: clothes, nails and even the ink of her pen and the notebook where she was writing stuff is real. And she was on a subway train too.

The fact of the girl taking everything with her, even my toothpaste is real too; leaving a note, looking at myself in the mirror and telling myself you get lucky sometimes, feeling like I can’t stay here any longer without her and having friends telling me “Jes you should move and live here” ,  a girl who went to the cinema to watch alternative movies and who knew a lot about art…all those are true events.