Everybody Lies At Night

Pay attention to different situations in life. And having had the chance of taking a walk on the wild side as Reed would say, and enjoy and suffer the nightlife in quite a few cities in the world (it was never really my intention, to tell you the truth) I came to the conclusion that everybody lies at night.

The song is about all the deals and murky businesses that take place particularly between people who want to be famous (singers, musicians, actors and actresses…) and people they expect them to make them famous.

How some people try to be friends with some people, how some people take advantage of that in order to obtain money or drugs or sex. All the use and abuse, the empty promises, the false hopes, the anxious expectations…but to be honest, this behavior, goes beyond the realm of the entertainment industry of show business, people lie in order to pick up a partner or to get rid of someone, people show off or pretend, or hide feelings…the night is full of lies.